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[HCM][Agency] TBWA\ Group Vietnam:Senior Strategic Planner

TBWAVietnam is hunting for the next Planner/ Senior Planner to be part of our Strategic Planning Team.
If you are a planner who is looking to develop yourself as a future leader of advertising or disrupt the industry at large, this is the role for you.

  • A connector – you can be rigorously analytical but at the same time romantically creative, and you can connect both worlds. You like finding patterns and relationships in seemingly irrelevant things in the world.
  • Live and breathe culture – you are always keeping an eye on what’s happening in Vietnam and beyond. You are curious about the latest Tiktok trend, a recent social debate or a new abstract art exhibition.
  • Digital and data-savvy – You are not afraid of diving yourself in a sea of numbers. You are curious about the latest Instagram update and how it is going to impact consumer behavior.
  • You are not afraid of breaking rules – Last but not least, this is in fact the most essential quality. Steve Jobs once said - "It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." As a planner at TBWA, you are a pirate who is constantly looking for new ways of doing research or new perspectives for the client business. You are always challenging what cannot be done. You are someone who wants to disrupt the industry.


  • 2-5 years of strategy/ account planning experiences in a creative agency; alternatively you have other kinds of experiences at client-side/ research agency/ creative & media agency and you show incredible strategic thinking skills in your work
  • Excellent communication in writing and speaking English
  • A keen curiosity/ understanding of trends and culture
  • Interest in creativity
  • Vietnamese native speaker only

Shoot your Cv and portfolio at [email protected]