[HCM] Lead The Change tuyển vị trí Marketing & Communications

Lead The Change is recruiting for the following positions in the Marketing & Communications Department:

➤Senior MKT Executive

➤Content Creator Trainee

1. Senior MKT Executive:


  • Leadership & Mentoring:

    • Provide strategic direction and leadership in developing and executing marketing plans to drive revenue growth.

    • Mentor and guide the marketing team, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

  • Market Insight: Conduct in-depth market research to identify emerging trends, customer needs, and competitive strategies.

  • Strategic Planning: Develop and execute strategic marketing plans aligned with the business objectives.

  • Campaign Management: Oversee end-to-end management of marketing campaigns across various channels, ensuring alignment with business goals.

  • Content Strategy: Develop and implement comprehensive content strategies for digital, website, social media, and other platforms.

  • Budget Management: Manage and optimize campaign budgets, ensuring efficient allocation for maximum impact.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure a cohesive and integrated approach to marketing initiatives. Drive lead generation efforts, working closely with B.D teams to maximize conversion opportunities.

  • Performance Analysis & Optimization: Analyze campaign performance metrics, providing strategic insights and recommendations for continuous optimization.


  • Minimum of 2-3 years of proven experience in marketing roles.

  • Expertise in strategic planning, campaign management, and revenue-driven marketing.

  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret data for strategic decision-making.

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

  • Proficiency in digital marketing tools and platforms.

  • Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire a high-performing marketing team.

  • Experience in education or related industries is highly preferred.


  • Salary base plus incentive upon KPIs achievement. The expected income is approximately 12-20 million VND/month

  • Regular performance review (6 months).

  • Social insurance, health insurance according to Labor Laws

  • Working in a dynamic, proactive, professional environment.

  • 5 working days per week (Mon-Fri)

2. Content Creator Trainee:


  • Market Research: Conduct ongoing research to stay up-to-date on industry trends, emerging topics, and best practices in content creation.

  • Content Planning: Develop and execute a comprehensive content plan aligned with business goals to support lead generation efforts.

  • Content Creation:

    • Generate engaging and educational content across various formats, including blog posts, social media content, videos, webinars, and other resources.

    • Edit and proofread content to ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to quality standards.

  • Content Calendar Assistance: Support in managing the content calendar, ensuring deadlines are met and contributing to timely content delivery.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, to ensure content aligns with business objectives and adheres to brand guidelines.

  • Data Analysis & Optimization Learning:

    • Gain exposure to using data and analytics for understanding content performance and making informed decisions for content strategy improvement.

    • Learn and apply the basics of optimizing content for search engines and user experience under the guidance of experienced team members.


  • Current final-year student or recent graduate with a degree in Education, Marketing, or a related field.

  • Good command over video editing techniques and visual elements is a plus.

  • Passion for content creation and digital marketing.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

  • Eagerness to perform hands-on tasks and contribute to the content creation process.

  • Detail-oriented with a commitment to maintaining quality standards.

  • Experience in education or related industries is highly preferred.


  • Allowance plus incentive based on each project's performance.

  • Regular performance review (6 months).

  • Working in a dynamic, proactive, professional environment.

  • 5 working days per week (Mon-Fri)

  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills, knowledge, and mindset through experience in the LTC' training program, and connect with industry experts.

How to apply:

Apply online at: https://leadthechange.asia/ltc-job-opportunities-2024/

Application deadline: 23:59, January 21, 2024