[HCM] [Agency] Ivy+Partners: Looking for PR Super Interns

Ivy+Partners is a culture-focused PR firm in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with a difference. We work with clients to find their needs and create dynamic story-driven experiences that resonate with their audiences. With a growth potential, we're looking for proactive PR Super Interns to join our team at Ivy+Partners.


  • Support the planning and execution of communication and PR initiatives across diverse media and digital platforms.
  • Assist in the creation of compelling strategic proposals during the pitching process, showcasing innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Showcase adept writing skills by crafting internal communications, press materials, business proposals, and other essential documents.
  • Develop engaging content for PR campaigns while ensuring accurate translation of documents between English and Vietnamese.
  • Collaborate closely with internal teams, fostering effective communication and coordination with external suppliers, vendors, and partners.
  • Undertake various ad-hoc tasks as needed, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic work environment.


  • Fresh graduates or last-year students at university, specializing in PR, Marketing, International Business, or International Relations.
  • Previous experience in publisher or press relations is highly desirable, providing valuable insights into media dynamics and industry practices.
  • Possess strong organizational skills and exhibit time management abilities.
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills, with the capacity to generate innovative solutions to everyday tasks
  • Proficiency in English is essential.
  • We seek individuals who are outgoing, curious, and proactive, willing to explore new ideas and approaches.


  • Gain valuable experience in communication, relationship building, and time management, skills that are transferrable across various career paths.
  • Thrive in a dynamic and international work environment, collaborating with outstanding clients and partners from diverse backgrounds.
  • Participate in media, business, and lifestyle events, expanding your professional network and industry knowledge.
  • Enhance your resume with invaluable experiences and achievements, setting the stage for fulfilling your long-term career goals.
  • Enjoy a competitive compensation package, including team-building activities and performance-based bonuses, rewarding your contributions and achievements.


Send CV via mail: [email protected]


Established in 2021, Ivy+Partners is a PR Consulting Firm operating with the motto of upholding cultural and artistic values and supporting brands to create positive impacts on the community. Besides its strength in PR, Ivy+Partners also provides other services like the all-inclusive offering of communication strategy, consulting, personal branding, or business matching for enterprises to get closer to their target audience. Ivy+Partners has a strong network of partners in the APAC region and is proud to be a member of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), the world’s largest organization of public relations professionals.