[HCM] [Agency] Dentsu Redder: Account Executive


Account & Relation Management:

  • Together with AM, communicate with clients’ members to deliver daily work as Client’s expectation, grasp their issues and immediately inform senior levels with solutions/ solution-driven reporting.

  • In addition, pursue client’s agenda with their insight and passion.

  • Manage and maintain effective communication, relationships with relevant stakeholders: Internal teams & 3rd parties.

Planning & Execution Management:

  • Together with AM level onward to prepare Credentials for new Clients. Tailor-made case studies up to each Client’s business, except case studies relevant to strategy mainly.

  • Collect and well prepare the contents relevant to brand induction, client debriefing, competitive review, market check, contact report, and project timeline. Get seniors’ approval before releasing to Client or internal teams.

  • Attend meetings with Senior positions. Well understanding Client’s brief/ expectation. Well-digesting Clients’ brands/ products as well as understanding thoroughly the strategy, and the creative content that internal teams develop for Clients to enhance the confidence to sell stuff to Clients and manage all activities run well under the consistent strategy.

  • Creative production operational and follow-up logistic arrangement

  • Manage stakeholders in one’s charge with the project timeline. Together with senior positions in teams work to meet goals.

  • In charge of preparation and presentation for WIP report (with Clients & internal)

  • Manage paperwork, quotations, and follow-up payments.

Quality Assurance and Operations: Review all outputs to make sure they meet cost/schedule / quality requirements from clients and give feedback accurately to team members.

Others: Assume responsibility for any other duties or projects which may be given

2) Characteristics preferences:

  • Focus on the goals: You set goals by determining priorities and making the necessary corrections to get back on course. Your Focus reminds everyone that if something is not helping you move toward your destination, then it is not important

  • Discipline: You set up routines. You focus on timelines and deadlines. You want to feel in control

  • Attention to detail / Well-organized in way of working & thought process

  • Proper delivery internally & externally in all aspects: documents/works/communication

  • Hard-working, dedicated to work

  • Adaptable, can work under pressure

  • Logical thinking


  • Good written and verbal communication skills (Both in Vietnamese and English)

  • Good interpersonal skill

  • At least 2 years of experience in the same position

  • Background in Advertising/ Marketing/Digital/ Communication

4) Benefit:

  • Professional and dynamic agency environment.

  • Performance and salary review annually

  • Holiday/occasional bonus depending on company business performance

  • Bonding activities: team-building, monthly activities, company trip, year-end party

  • Training from Leaders, participating in courses & events.

5) CV sent to: