[HCMC] [Client] Cốc Cốc Company: Tuyển dụng nhiều vị trí

The Marketing Department is responsible for the image of company to the outside world. This one of the 6 departments of Cốc Cốc. We are recruiting 3 different positions: Marketing Guru, Commercial Copywriter, Digital Marketing Specialist

Marketing Guru

At Cốc Cốc we have accumulated a brilliant team of software engineers who are capable of building a search engine that we believe can satisfy Vietnamese users’ needs. Now it’s time for us to form an excellent marketing team, which will introduce our products to the market.

We are looking for an extremely talented, tech-savvy, experienced and result-oriented Marketing Guru, who thinks not only like a marketer, but also like a geek. As our team consists mostly of computer geeks, working with us can be quite fun if you can see beyond our weirdness and obsession with innovative technologies. You will be responsible for planning creative and effective marketing campaigns and working alongside IT opinion leaders in Vietnam in order to build and grow the Cốc Cốc brand.

Commercial Copywriter

  • Create Marketing Materials for Cốc Cốc: presentations, posters, articles, web content, email, social media, videos,...
  • Design the content of Cốc Cốc products: browsers, search engine, mobile apllications

Digital Marketing Specialist

For this position, we are searching for THE ONE to whom "Conversion" means "The World"; who have plenty of experiences working with all available marketing channels and tools, especially Google Adwords, Google Display Network and Facebook; managing huge budgets and variety of products. If thousands of keywords, millions of ads texts and targeted groups sound familiar to you - you are THE ONE!

How to Apply

Apply online via http://coccoc.com/career/vietnam-labs/media-planner or

Send CV via email [email protected] (Ms. Thảo) or [email protected]

For further information

Website: Marketing Department Career