Marketer Diệu Uyên
Nguyễn Thị Diệu Uyên

Head of Content
Brands Vietnam


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The preparation to become a good writer involves knowledge. There are two kinds of them: broad knowledge and specific knowledge. I am into the first one, both the theoretical and practical sides. I yearn to get out of the trenches and explore new territories to broaden my perspectives.

Besides the role of Head of Content at one of the most popular marketing communities in Vietnam, I am an amateur at scriptwriting. I love photography, music, books, movies, art. I dig into personal finance to overcome my fear of numbers. I spent four years at university to learn to be a translator, an interpreter in a second language, French. I have a side project as a Tarot Reader to immerse myself in the language of images. 

Instead of delving deeper into a specific knowledge, I use all of my side interests to enrich the articles for my main job, at the cost of conduct extensive research each time a new topic arises. Overall, I have been able to make writing enjoyable, produce +450 crafts, cover a wide range of marketing topics such as New Product Development, The Brief, Data Station and so on.

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Head of Content, Brands Vietnam
Hồ Chí Minh

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